Executive Search

“You have overcome a variety of challenging circumstances through strong communication and, at times, persuasive skills. You have stayed very close to both us as the Client and the Candidates in managing a tight process, resulting in high quality placements for us” - FTSE Group HR Director

  • FTSE Transport Group
    CEO, Executive Team

    We worked with the Board of this FTSE 250 company to appoint a new CEO. We then worked with the new CEO to build her Executive team, including a new Communications Director, Group HR Director and Marketing Director. The company has subsequently been promoted into the FTSE 100

  • FTSE Financial Services Group

    We conducted a global search of Finance talent with strong financial services experience. The successful Candidate had Board experience internationally but also a highly relevant UK track record

  • FTSE Retailer

    This was a high profile search where JCA Group worked very closely with the Nomination Committee to find a successful Candidate. Discretion, confidentiality, speed and a meticulous process were all absolutely key

  • Private Equity-Owned Global Services Business

    The success of this business led it to look for a CEO to really drive global growth working closely with the Private Equity owners and the Chairman. JCA Group undertook a global search for seasoned leaders of service businesses in B2B and B2C

  • FTSE Technology B2C
    Marketing Director

    Due to the scale of the organisation, a very senior marketer was required. However, JCA Group had to overcome concerns from Candidates in terms of reporting lines

  • Media Company
    Commercial Director

    JCA Group assisted this business in bringing in different talent to shift from a traditional sales model to a new digital approach

  • FTSE Consumer Services Organisation
    Marketing Director

    Although the company has a strong brand, the sector was less attractive; however, following a global search JCA Group secured a top Candidate from the US

  • FTSE Global Financial Services Group

    Working closely with the Chairman, JCA Group conducted a highly confidential global market search of senior banking and insurance talent around the world which culminated in a successful placement

  • FTSE Telco
    Group HR Director

    JCA Group closely with the CEO on this crucial role to lead transformation across the Group

  • FTSE Digital Media

    JCA Group persuaded the successful candidate to relocate from the US to the UK

  • Asian Telco

    JCA Group attracted a top Candidate from a brand leader to move to this less well known business experiencing significant growth based in the highly competitive South-East Asia

  • Asian Consumer Business

    A highly confidential search of global consumer talent was undertaken, culminating in the successful appointment of a Candidate from the USA

  • Global Health & Insurance Group

    The business is complex and highly international. Our shortlisted Candidates, with backgrounds in financial services, consumer and healthcare, came from around the world

Executive Search